Product Description

    This product is special design for safe deposit box.

    After registering the fingerprint by the wireless smart fingerprint key and doing customer’s fingerprint vertification twice, the smart fingerprint key opens the electronic control lock , and then the customer uses the guest key to open the mechanical part.

    This smart fingerprint lock has a higher security level than common one, and provides customers with better and more secure rental services.

Product View

Main function

Dual Unlocking

The safe vault  can be opened only after using the mechanical key and the wireless smart fingerprint key.

Fingerprint authentication

The fingerprint key has a built-in fingerprint management module. After the authentication is completed, you must do the authentication again while safe vault is unlocking


With bulit-in built-in rechargeable battery, this fingerprint lock can be recycled. It will enter sleep mode when it is non working time. 

Anti-data stealing

Wireless smart fingerprint key supports data protection feature against malicious data theft.

Saving labor costs

The customer can independently complete the unpacking with the fingerprint key and guest key, saving labor costs.

Anti-fake Unlocking

The identity verification can effectively prevent the false unlocking

Product Specification

specifications: 88mm × 49mm × 23.6mm;

Processing: Dedicated encryption and decryption micro-chip computer

 The fingerprint key chip:  dedicated national secret SM2 processing chip;

Wireless smart fingerprint key mutual opening rate :  0;

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