August 23, 2018
The differences between bank safe deposit boxes and home safe

The difference between home safe and bank safe deposit box.

A burglary takes place once every thirteen seconds somewhere in the United States, which equals more than 6,600 per day. While these numbers are terrifying, they also highlight the importance of making sure that your home to prevent a break in. So for house owners, it is also importance to find a way to keep the property ever safer.  Generally,  there are 2 ways: buying a home safe or keep valuables at the bank safe deposit box. 

which one is suitable for house owners? here are the differences between them, and you may get ideas from it. 

Bank Safety Deposit Boxes

1) Benefits

These safety deposit boxes of bank are fireproof, waterproof, and not located in the place where they are vulnerable to thieves or natural disasters. The contents in the boxes are legally protected even in the event of the owner's death.  

2)  Downsides

The limiations of safety deposit boxes are also obvious. First, the bank close at 18:00 or even earlier in some place, you can not access any time. 

You need a key to unlock the safety deposit box, however, it is easier to lose the key. 

The bank may located in the places where are easier to get strike by natural disaster.  In this case, It does not look so safe even if it offer more protections than your home.

You have to pay for the anual fee for it, after all, the contents are legally protected even in the event of owner's death, and the estate has to close before the executor of your estate can actually access the contents. 

Home safe 

Home safes are great for the reasons as follows:
a) You can easily access 24/7 hours
b) one time expense, you don't pay for any extra fee
c) Thye are always locked
d) when mounted to the floor a thief can't run with them 

But home safe has some cons to let people choose another way to keep their valuables. 
a) they are water-resistant rather than water-proof.  The contents may damage if the house get strike by a disaster like flood.
b)  Easy to run away by theives if it is not mounted to the floor. 
c)  low fire rating that can't sufficiently protect contents in the event of a fire.

So which one should we choose ?

Well, you should know what need to be kept first. Some important documents like birth certificate, wills, insurance policies,etc keeping in the bank should be a good choice, you can make some copies of them and store to the home safe.  You will wear some jewellery every day, you'd better keep them in your home safe.  If you worry about the security of home safe, you can try to add some functions and ungrade your home safe.  Here are a few tips for you. 

a)  fingerprint unlocking. No key any more, you don't worry about key lost, or some one stole you key to open it. Only you can access this home safe. 

b) Motion alarm and security rope.  Most of home safes have one problem, when a thef take it away, you can know nothing.  With motion alarm, you can get notification in time once any one touch the safe box; With security rope, theft is not able to take it away at once.  Both of them offer you enough time to take action.

There are still more features to upgrade the home safe, if you need more, please contact with us. 
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