August 14, 2018
Star——The Story behind Nebula Safebox

Star——The Story behind Nebula Safebox

Our safebox is always referred as Nebula safe box, but Nebula is our company’s name. The product name for this safe box is Star, so from now on we can simply call it Star or Star safebox. 

Star is named after the diamond ring sent by our founder to his wife as their 10th Wedding Anniversary present. The ring is so treasured by his wife that she is constantly worried about its safety, especially when she took off the ring for daily convenience. She finds it hard to place the ring in a safe and private place that could assure her since their house is always visited by a lot of friends and relatives and their children likes to hustle around the house. Sometimes she couldn’t remember where she placed her ring.

Seeing his wife in constant worry over the ring, our founder decided to create a safe box that could store valuables for her wife to reduce her anxiety and bring her a sense of security. This is why Star came into being, which is homonymous to the ring symbolizing that her wife is as shiny as a star. Star taps into people’s sense of insecurity about their treasured belongings such as important documents, valuables, and favorite collections. People always find it hard to place these important items in a safe and private space, especially when they are carrying them around. Star is produced to solve this problem and to bring along portable convenience and safety for people so as to alleviate their anxiety over valuables’ safety. 
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